Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My brother told me that

I remember one conversation with my brother where he shared his 'wisdom' of men. He said:
In the teen and early 20's men will only think of sex
In the late 20's and early 30's men will only think of money

Lies. guys only think of one thing haha

Hey guys,

How are you. It's been years since I've been updating this. I guess I found myself being happy and found myself little need to express myself here, online. But it's been a turbulent 2015, and I feel the need to write something here, again. I guess I'll keep coming back.

In 2015:
I have experienced major losses
I have lost my mother, my aunt.
I also finally experienced love, and I lost it.
It was wonderful, it was painful, but even though it hurts I want to fall again
It thought me a lesson, and also thought me what I want in life, and what I want in men
I've discovered that I am a person with worth, and I want someone with worth to share my life with
It also thought me the formula for screening men haha
I have always considered myself unattractive, but recently I've learned that I not unattractive
I have scandalous offers, plenty of them
I am lost
Career wise, I am lost.
Spiritually, I am lost and yet I am calm in my lost ways
I am happy, but I know I can be happier
Financially, I am at lost too
No longer able to save constantly, living frugally waiting for my paycheck every month
I want to change
Healthwise, I think my body's breaking down
Lethargy, no evergy, mindfog. my feet's aching everyday, constant stomach ailments, flu every month
Gettting old I guess

Stalkers?? hehee


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